403(b) Contribution Planner (Professional edition)

COMMONLY REQUIRED INFORMATION about "you" (i.e., the client), the job, and the retirement plans...


 What is your name?   
  Check here if the employer has adopted the age 50 catchup provision in the 403(b) plan document 
 If true then please provide date of birth (m/d/yyyy):  
 Which best describes the employer offering the 403(b) plan? (select one): 
    Public school system College, university, private school Church, or church organization  
  Home health service agency Health & welfare service agency Hospital             Other  
  Your total compensation from this employer for the full tax year: $  
 As of the end of the tax year, how many years (including fractions of years) have you worked there?  
       (Give only partial credit for years you worked part-time or only part of the year.) This information not required if less than 15 years. 
If you worked less than full-time, or less than a full year, for the tax year in question:  (otherwise skip these two questions)
 What percent of full-time did you work? % 
 How much was your actual compensation for this year, plus your compensation from enough prior pay periods to equal one full-time, full year of work? $ 
 About previous contributions to this employer's 403(b) plan(s): 
 How much have YOU contributed BEFORE this tax year? $ 
    Skip if you have less than 15 years of service. Also include pre-2002 Section 457 contributions. Omit Age 50+ catch-up contributions.  
 Check below if you have used special "catch-up" limits with ANY employer 
  Elective Deferral Catchup (extra $3,000 catch-up for long-term employees) 
 If so, how much of the $15,000 lifetime limit have you used, incl. ALL prior Roth 403(b) contribs.? $ 
 If you are a member of a public employee DEFINED BENEFIT plan: 
 Current year mandatory contributions, if any, to the Defined Benefit Plan: 
 Provide the dollar amount $ OR the percentage of Gross Income % 

 To view results, click . Then you may check one or more options below, and click the "Report" button:
 View detailed PDF report immediately (you need to have an appropriate PDF reader installed)         
  Email detailed PDF report to  

 If the employer makes NON-matching contributions, or you are REQUIRED to contribute, to a 403(b) plan: 
 Total amount of either kind of contribution being made in the current tax year: $
 If the employer makes MATCHING contributions to a 403(b) plan: 
  Percentage of your contributions that are matched? % 
 Maximum percentage of your compensation you can contribute that your employer will match? %
 Compensation on which this percentage is based (IF different from compensation on Page 1) $
 If ANY employer offers a 401(k) or other Defined Contribution Plan, other than a 457 plan:
 How much in the way of VOLUNTARY contributions have YOU made during THIS tax year? $ 
 How much in the way of REQUIRED contributions have YOU made during THIS tax year? $ 
 If you have 15 or more years of service, how much did YOU contribute BEFORE this tax year? $
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