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Is my intended 403(b) plan contribution permissible under IRS rules?
It depends on your age, how much you earn, how much you contribute to other plans, and other factors.

 To find out your exact legal limit, begin by entering some basic information about you and your employer... 
 What is your name?   
  Check here if your employer has adopted the age 50 catchup provision in the 403(b) plan document 
 If true then please provide date of birth (m/d/yyyy):  
 Which best describes your employer offering the 403(b) plan? (select one): 
    Public school system College, university, private school Church, or church organization  
  Home health service agency Health & welfare service agency Hospital             Other  
 ...And about your work there 
  Your total compensation from this employer for the full tax year: $  
 As of the end of the tax year, how many years (including fractions of years) have you worked there?  
       (Give only partial credit for years you worked part-time or only part of the year.) This information not required if less than 15 years. 
If you worked less than full-time, or less than a full year, for the tax year in question:  (otherwise skip these two questions)
 What percent of full-time did you work? % 
 How much was your actual compensation for this year, plus your compensation from enough prior pay periods to equal one full-time, full year of work? $ 
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