Paycheck Comparison (Professional edition)


  What is the client's name?   How many paychecks are received per year?   In what state are earnings taxed?  
 What is the gross pay per paycheck (i.e., before any deductions)? $ $  
 PRE-TAX: Voluntary retirement contributions in dollars:$ $ 
     or PRE-TAX: Voluntary retirement contributions as a percentage:     %     % 
 (Note: You may enter either a percent or a dollar amount for the next three fields. Please select each field's symbols before entering an amount.) 
 PRE-TAX: Mandatory retirement contributions:     $  
 PRE-TAX: Other benefits (e.g., Section 125 plans):     $  
 AFTER-TAX: Total miscellaneous reductions from pay:     $  

 Income Tax withholding
     We can calculate it for you, or you can enter it from the current pay stub. Choose one:
         Have income tax withholding calculated (recommended)    Copy withholding info from the pay stub
 Income tax withholding:
     Federal income tax withholding (current paycheck):   $  
     State and local income tax withholding (current paycheck):   $  
     State and local marginal income tax rate:    %  
 Other information about the paycheck:
     Select a Social Security/Medicare option: 
 Calculation Options:  
       Calculate the new take-home pay amount.  
       Calculate a new retirement contribution to result in the target take-home amount.  
              If you choose this second option, what is the take-home pay target? $    
 Optional future savings accumulation report:  
 If you would like the report to include an illustration of the effect on your savings over time, fill in the following information. Otherwise just leave blanks or zeroes. 
     Estimated future annual salary increase rate:   %  
     Assumed average annual rate of return on investment:   %  
     Estimated years until retirement:   
     If applicable: Employer matches % of employee contributions up to % of gross compensation