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How much should I be saving for retirement?
There is no perfect reply to that question, but some simple information can put you in the ballpark.

 Factual information (generally not susceptible to optional adjustment):
 Items on this and other pages marked with a cloudy image will tend to require MORE new savings if selected or (where applicable) increased in amount. Items tagged with a sunny image will tend to require LESS new savings. 
 Date of birth (m/d/yyyy): 
   Your individual (or family) current annual income$
  Estimated annual Social Security income at retirement$ 
       This is a preliminary estimate, which will be updated automatically on page 2.
      But if you enter a value manually, no further automatic calculations of Social Security will be made.
  Pension from this employer (estimated annual amount)$ 
  Pension from other employers (estimated annual amount)$ 
  Current retirement savings and investments$ 
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