Factual information (generally not susceptible to optional adjustment):
 Items on this page marked with a cloudy image will tend to require MORE new savings if selected or (where applicable) increased in amount. Items tagged with a sunny image will tend to require LESS new savings.


 Date of birth (m/d/yyyy): 
  Your individual (or family) current annual income$
  Estimated annual Social Security income at retirement$ 
       This is a preliminary estimate, which will be updated automatically when you enter Years until Retirement, below.
      But if you enter a value manually, no further automatic calculations of Social Security will be made.
  Pension from this employer (estimated annual amount)$ 
  Pension from other employers (estimated annual amount)$ 
  Current retirement savings and investments$ 
 Flexible information (optional assumptions affecting your calculated savings need):
  Years until retirement:  Number of years you expect to live during retirement: 
  Rate of annual salary increases:%  Percent of pre-retirement income needed in retirement:%
  Hypothetical return on savings:% Inflate expenses during retirement? Yes    No
 Spend your principal in retirement?Inflate monthly savings before retirement? Yes    No
      Yes  No, live off interest Continue savings into retirement? Yes  No
  See Help for more information about these options.  Also see further below for additional Social Security and pension assumptions...
 Additional options for Social Security and pension income: 
 Social Security options: 
      Exclude Social Security (i.e., set to zero) 
      Base Social Security estimate on current formulas, assume no inflation before retirement 
      Base Social Security estimate on current formulas plus inflation until retirement 
      Base Social Security estimate on current formulas plus inflation before and after retirement 
 Pension options: 
      Assume no inflation before or after retirement 
      Assume inflation of pension benefits after retirement (applies to some government plans)