RetirementWorks® with Annuities

An annuity purchase is most compelling when people can see and measure
the expected improvement to their long-term income, assets, and overall solvency.
RetirementWorks with Annuites ("RW/A") is the best tool for that job.

Note: For fixed annuities only (not variable or equity indexed).

   We understand the difficulty in closing the annuity sale:
Clients hesitate to pay a large sum of real money now to get the promise of a stream of smaller payments later.
They don't have a way to evaluate whether the whole concept of an annuity makes good financial sense or is just a gamble.
They may accept the concept, but are unable to tell whether it makes sense for them, given their particular circumstances.
They don't perceive an annuity as an investment in the future - as a way to have more assets late in life than they otherwise would.

   Our software fills these gaps:
RW/A shows, using detailed family cash flow projections out to age 100, the expected financial impact of an annuity purchase.
It displays "Report Cards" that evaluate long-term solvency, with and without an annuity, for easy comparison.
It highlights in plain English the benefits of choosing an annuity.

   Other advantages of RetirementWorks with Annuities:
RW/A makes the presentation about the client, not the product.
It focuses the client's attention on the long-term, not the short-term.
It can be used to illustrate the benefit of an annuity in a variety of situations, including:
    Rolling over a 401(k) balance into a qualified annuity.
    Annuitizing a 403(b) balance.
    Converting a qualifed or non-qualified lump sum distribution into an annuity.
    Purchasing a series of annuities, as a hedging strategy.
    Buying an individual non-qualified annuity from existing savings.
    Evaluating employer-sponsored offers involving annuities.
It opens up conversations about other retirement needs and products.
It's flexible - able to illustrate SPIAs, deferred annuities, and delayed income annuities.
It's web-based and easy to use - a few minutes of input yields a wealth of analysis and persuasive illustrations.
It's credible: if an annuity is not the right answer, or the proposed annuitization is too large, it will show that.

   Want to see how it looks?
For a sample report, choose:
    Qualified Plan Balance Annuitization illustration (including all available reports).
    Series of non-qualified SPIAs (including all available reports).
To view the user's guide for financial professionals, click:
    RW2 with Annuities Advisors Guide.

   Pricing and customization:
For insurers and for national or regional marketing organizations:
    Pricing is flexible and negotiable - either per-client charges or unlimited usage licenses are available.
    We can customize the software with your corporate logo, and your marketing and compliance language.
    Your annuity rates can be illustrated, with updates made as frequently as you like.
    Other customizations can be made - so this works for you, your field reps, and your clients.
For individual advisors and for local advisory or marketing organizations:
    Licenses for unlimited use for indvidual advisors are $1500/year ($750 for a six-month trial).
    Discounts are available for groups of advisors.
    Your logo can be added for a one-time fee of $1000. Other customizations are negotiable.

To learn more, or to request access to a free test account, contact Chuck Yanikoski at
(978) 456-7971

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