403(b) Custom Software Design for the New Regulatory Environment
If you have a special niche or new strategy for the 403(b) market, and need new software to make it a reality, tap into our expertise to make it happen -- quickly.
What is the shape of the new 403(b) market?
No one yet knows the full impact the new regulations will have. What we do know is that plan sponsors will have to be more vigilant about compliance. Some might terminate their plans while others will turn to their product providers or third parties to take on new responsibilities. There is a clear opportunity for those who are ready and able to offer new services and tools to help the plan sponsors.
You have ideas; we can make them happen!
We’ve already received a number of requests for custom software from product providers and marketing organizations to meet these new challenges. And we see a surge of interest among the more creative people in the 403(b) market. Our contribution is to provide those creative leaders with the software they need.
You already have some interesting ideas that will work in market segments that appeal to you. Your vision is an opportunity that requires a quick response. Call us to find what it will take to make the vision a reality.
We have over a dozen years’ experience designing and building 403(b) compliance and marketing systems. We have worked with some of the biggest 403(b) providers in the country -- and some of the smallest. We can, quickly and accurately, bring together the legal, systems, and marketing knowledge needed to build the system you need.
So if you have something in mind, whether it's just an idea or whether it's a definite plan, talk to us. Contact our expert on 403(b) regulations and software, Chuck Yanikoski, at csy@StillRiverRetire.com, by calling (978) 456-7971, or fill out our contact form. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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