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See how our calculators might look on your web site. (NOTICE: These calculators are for demonstration purposes only, and Still River does not warranty the results. For this reason, we urge that they not be used in this form for real-life cases.) You will need to enable scripting support on your browser.
Calculators listed in green implement our new design for PCs and iPads.
Client versions use multiple non-scrollable input pages and are optimized for clarity.
Pro versions are for back office use and are optimized for efficiency.
Before Retirement At or After Retirement Basic Financial Calculators

403(b) Contributions (Client) 72(t) Distributions Life Expectancy
403(b) Contributions (Pro) Required Minimum Distributions Annuity Payments
State Ret. Plan Benefits (Client) Lump Sum Distributions Loan Amortization
State Ret. Plan Benefits (Pro)   Mortgage Amortization
Paycheck Comparison (Client)   Amortization Group(3 in 1)
Paycheck Comparison (Pro)   Future Value
Retirement Needs Analysis (Client)   Cost of Delay
Retirement Needs Analysis (Pro)   Present Value
Section 457 Contribution Limit (Client)   Internal rate of return
Section 457 Contribution Limit (Pro)   Present/Future Value Group (4 in 1)
IRA and Roth IRA Eligibility    
Asset Accumulation Calculation    

Sample Reports

If you are interested in what the calculator outputs contain but don't want to spend the time running a case we also provide some sample reports in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view them.
The reports page also provides a simple roadmap to all the calculator options Still River offers and tha application in which you can find them.

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