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Why choose Still River for your consulting partner?

   Our top three officers have more than six decades of combined experience in working with retirement planning products and services, both qualified and non-qualified, financial and non-financial.
   Our founder was one of the first financial professionals to design systematic ways of helping people successfully make the retirement transition – going back to 1991.
   Clients for our products and services include some of the biggest names in the financial industry, as well as the federal government, other plan sponsors, and other organizations both large and small.
   We are deeply involved with the Life Planning Network, and co-founded the Association for Integrative Financial and Life Planning, two organizations that are thought leaders in understanding and transforming what “retirement” means.

Expertise and innovation:
   The first identification of investment volatility as the source of a unique risk that applies to retirees (1991).
   The first commercially available Monte Carlo model for a retirement decision other than investment strategy (1999).
   The first needs-based model for the decision to annuitize (2002).
   The first (and still the only) comprehensive, integrated financial model for retirees and near-retirees (2006).
   The most complete, consumer-focused resource referral site on the internet for retiree financial and non-financial concerns, using our unique “SPLASH” model (2010).
   Our latest contributions (2011):
Migrating from a transaction-oriented to a relationship-oriented retirement income strategy – to capture new assets,as well as retain existing assets.
Targeting middle-market Baby Boomers for retirement services – with or without a field organization.

Working with you and for you:
   We bring fresh ideas and strategies to the table, but our goal is to help you find methods and tools that will work for you, not to get you to adopt canned solutions.
   We will happily work with other consultants, software developers, and service providers. We understand that you value your existing relationships.
   You know what it will cost, up front. We quote the full price for the job, and there are no extras unless you agree to them in advance.
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