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What is RW2 for YOU™ ?
This software is the consumer edition of the most powerful financial planning software available anywhere for retirees and near-retirees: RetirementWorks® II, from Still River Retirement Planning Software, Inc. Until recently, RetirementWorks® II ("RW2") was available only to financial professionals. Now, with RW2 for YOU™, you can have the same kind of planning power yourself, and control your own financial destiny. For more information see the menu below and a sample report of what the software will produce for you.
What does it cost?
For only $189, you can use RW2 for YOU™ for an entire year to develop, revise, and periodically update your plan. This license is for your personal use only, and for the members of your household. We realize that $189 is not a trivial investment, but it is an investment, and well worth it. For most people, implementing the software's recommendations will produce many, many times more value than that. Furthermore, only RetirementWorks® II provides the comprehensive, integrated analysis that is needed. Although you could pay a lot more, nothing better (and rarely anything nearly as good) is available at any price. For more information see the menu below.
You are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of your original purchase, if you are not satisfied with the software for any reason at all. Simply let us know, and we will credit your card for the full amount.
After the first year, you can renew RW2 for YOU™ annually for only half of the initial price, as long as you renew not more than 30 days after it expires. We price it this way to encourage you to update your plan at least once a year. This is important. Even if you think nothing has changed in your life, the mere fact that you are a year older can make a significant difference in estimating your future life expectancy, and in other ways.
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